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Cover zur kostenlosen eBook-Leseprobe von »The Evil Heart«

The Evil Heart


An older wizard named Slate is living in pain of losing his lovely prince Ayushman. He was blamed for that by the king and minister of Eterus. When he comes to know that two followers of dark lord Warlock are trying to open the first door of time of seven after killing his teenager solder Gressiya he also gets that Precious and Kyomoor get success and found key of first door. On the earth a teenager named Jessica meets with an unwanted friend whom she couldn’t see. In science lab she gets frightened and injures. At hospital the voice says to join her cousin in London. But, before she could make her plan she is caught by other evil wizard Ara. She rescues by gryphon and wizard Slate. She reaches London and meets with his cousin Justin and his friends Lucy, Jessica, Tom and Sara. Jessica and Tom are twins. Lucy is going to participate in badminton tournament in other school. Justin takes them in his car and gets deathly accident planned by Maya and Joy making all dead. Jessica falls on a magical sword and gets her live back…

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