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Under a Living Sky

Orca Book Publishers | Orca Young Readers

Mary is certain that her parents are giving her new shoes for Christmas, but the Depression has hit her Saskatchewan farming family hard. Mary tries to hide her disappointment when she receives a crude homemade doll instead. She ends up liking the doll much more than she expects, but the doll fuels the rivalry between Mary and her older sister, Judith. Then, when the doll disappears a few weeks later during a snowstorm, Mary and Judith's relationship changes once again.


"Older readers who are interested in historical fiction will likely enjoy this book . . ."


Joseph Simons lives happily with his wife, Karen, and their little white dog in Little Italy, Edmonton. Joseph works as a teacher's assistant with special needs kids in a junior high school. He does many school visits with his book to read to and workshop with students.

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