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A Song for Ghosts

tredition | An opera for two

Garvanos Scimia has not wanted to go to Dresden and join the Royal court theatre. But he has been sent away from his home in Milan and now here he is, a new singer at the Royal Court Theatre. It won’t be easy, he knows. His nerves and his tendency to break downs take care of that. Also he is a born Gypsy, which is just one more problem on the heap.

But then Ivan takes him under his wing. Ivan who lives in secret underneath the theatre and who has the most lovely smile and the most wonderful voice. With his help Garvanos finds confidence in himself, in his voice, in his feelings and - and maybe he can make it?

Maybe it will be alright?


Born in 1987 Manja Siber grew up in North-Eastern Saxony in an

atmosphere some would describe as “slightly rural and idyllic”, others as

“pretty to look at in many places and way too small and quiet”.

After escaping the countryside Manja studied Literature, History and

Comparative Religious Studies in Erfurt and later in Augsburg before

finally moving to Berlin. Today she lives in the nice, quiet and green

district Berlin-Köpenick in eternal servitude to the whims of her cat.

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