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Misconception -


Title : Misconception - Redefining the Reality

Log Line) :   A great private detective Ethan, Who's job is to prove the Supernatural theory false goes over a unexpected adventure. This adventure redefines the reality he believed in .

Synopsis : Ethan, a great private detective who proves Paranomal theory to be a high standard rumour. Gets an unexpected case to solve, during his journey he meets up a young Japenese girl Selena  who turns out to be  to be a Super natural fiction writer. As Ethan's car breaks down , Ethan and Selena spents a night together in nearby restaurant . While Selena sleeps Ethan opts  to read out her two books titled 'The Beauty Curse' and 'The invincible Mortal' just to pass his time for the night. 

The Book titled 'The Beauty Curse' is an mystery of serial killings of womens known as Beauty Angels, one of which is Natasha (the lead character) who gets help from a stranger named as Zim to solve the case but with a cost which changes her life forever. The next book titled 'The Invincible Mortal'  is the mystery how a officer by name Zang beats the death everytime since a decade, and also a story deals with true friendship.

Though Ethan makes fun of the stories but this is where Ethan's unexpected journey starts up and witnesses him for redefining the reality what he beleived so far.

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