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The Proposition

BWL Publishing Inc.

They met on the eve of a battle. One enlisted to avoid prison, the other enlisted to avoid the money lenders. On the bloodied fields of France, Harry Connelly collapses beside the corpse of Andrew Conroy. It’s a risk, a hanging offence, it’s his only hope for a future. Harry swaps identity discs. Now known as Andrew, he is just another face in post war London until a letter arrives with a proposition. Accepting will plunge him into a nightmare of murder, family jealousy and greed. To survive he must live this lie without a mistake, until he falls in love with Lacey. To keep her he must tell the truth and face the consequences.


This is a must-read novel.


I live in New South Wales, Australia.  I grew up in Melbourne, (Victoria), and thank my parents and teachers for my love of history and books. After school and business college, I entered the dusty world of accounting, then aged 21 I joined the tide of Aussies travelling to the UK for a working holiday.  There in front of me was the history I’d read about. I was hooked.  Marriage and two children and career put my urge to write on hold, and now, finally retired, I’m able to devote the time to writing.

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