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Dustship Glory

Athabasca University Press | Mingling Voices

In this new edition of a prairie classic, Andreas Schroeder fictionalizes the true story of Tom Sukanen's wild scheme to build an ocean-going ship in the middle of a wheat field in Saskatchewan. Set during the hardships of the "Dirty Thirties," Dustship Glory presents us with Sukanen's mythic effort to escape both the drought and pestilence of his time, as well as his own personal struggle to be free. Featuring an illuminating foreword by beloved Saskatoon writer Don Kerr, Dustship Glory will provide Canadian and international audiences alike with the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with the dramatic tale of a ship that still stands in the fields south of Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan.


Andreas Schroeder is a Canadian novelist, poet, and nonfiction writer. In addition to his twenty-three books, his writing has also been published in over a hundred North American anthologies and magazines. Shaking It Rough: A Prison Memoir was shortlisted for the Governor General's Award, and the original edition of Dustship Glory was nominated for the Seal First Novel Award. He lives in the village of Roberts Creek on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast.

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