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The Bestest of Friends


Charlotte has a cozy tree house, a pet frog named Ferdinand, a taste for adventure and just loves all girly things. Now all she needs is a best friend... and then a space ship crashes on her tree house!

The crash introduces her to shy and just a little awkward Matilda, who knows adventures only from her many books and who gets queasy at the thought of wearing a dress.

Can these two become the bestest of friends? Join them on their adventures in this quirky, fun and illustrated chapter book that is best read aloud at storytime.


In real life I work in IT support at a bank, juggling numbers all day. But I have always loved books and reading, going on adventures from the safety of my home. Writing has been a hobby of mine for many years and I finally have the courage to share one of my stories with the world.

The book "The Bestes of Friends" is a tribute and gift to my best friend, a way of thanking her for years of support, love and laughter.

I live with my pet bear Barnaby in the beautiful little town of Niedernhausen, close to Frankfurt, Germany. When I am not reading a book, I can usually be found exploring the countryside, somewhere in the forest or at my favorite spot by the lake. Of course, always with a book.

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