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A Journey through My Life


In this autobiography, Dietrich Schaefer presents his life in two parts, both of which were closely connected to the Seven Seas and international seafaring.

Beginning with the character-building escape from East Prussia during his childhood, then the difficult times as a refugee in post-war Germany, he uses humor and many scintillating tales to illustrate his career in the German shipping trade — from cabin boy to captain. He provides the reader with enthusiastic accounts of his travels throughout the world, to all continents and 118 countries. Tirelessly, he constantly tried to make contact with people to find out what they think and how they feel. His numerous excursions provide the reader with interesting facts about countries, the people, and their history. In this way he combines historical background and current day politics from the past six decades.

In 1979, his time had finally arrived and he accomplished his often imagined dream of starting his own company.

His astounding level of creativity as well as willingness of taking risks, which oftentimes resembled daring exploits, repeatedly resulted in his company finding itself on the edge of an abyss. It took a while until the company eventually became profitable, as well as incurring many debts along the way that had to be repaid.

Much later, Dietrich Schaefer was inspired by a new business idea, which resulted in his company gaining international recognition within a few years. Ever since then, the company has been and still is a driving force in the shipping industry.

Dietrich Schaefer’s autobiography is much more than just an account of his life and his excursions will force readers to think. Perhaps it is difficult to imagine, but maybe one day there will be a world where no more wars are fought.

It could have happened: A fiction where a bullet killed Adolf Hitler.

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