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Equine Dry Needling


Dry Needling has been known in the human sector as a therapy for muscular trigger points and the myofascial pain syndrome for many decades.

Physiotherapist and Dry Needler Andrea Schachinger transferred her experiences

from treating humans to the treatment of horses and established the Schachinger Equine Dry Needling Method. She shares her longstanding experience with her students and also teaches the perfected method at the Centrum Dry Needling in Germany.

With the present practical guide Andrea Schachinger created a reference book, in

collaboration with her co-instructor Cornelia Klarholz, that leads the young as well as the experienced Dry Needling therapist through the therapy.

This book answers your questions about

- the basics of histology and pathophysiology of myofascial pain

- the formation of trigger points and movement disorders

- the basic rules of Equine Dry Needling

- the Schachinger Equine Dry Needling Method’s mode of action

- the differential diagnosis and the indicators

- the exact treatment of each muscle including insertion technique

The practical guide for the competent therapist!


Equine Osteopath and alternative practitioner for animals since 2004.

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