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The Family Code


First of all, I decided to write this little book to create a basic legal body that determines the rights and duties of all the Family members in all possible matters that they face as I have found that most of the books and researches which treat the subject focuses mostly and sometimes solely on the economic matters and how a company owned by dynasty can be ruled by or -in other kind of researches- they talk about how to write such a legal body (constitution) without giving any example. On the contrary, I have found that there are much important matters that are equal in their importance to the economic matters of the family.

This book, which is written in a sociological research-style, will give the basic steps you need to follow, so that you can then write your own legal body for your family. It consists of 54 laws that form a vital example of what a Family Constitution should be written by. At this point, you -my dear reader- should notice that this book was not written so that you should follow it blindly, but you will only get the advantage of its main notion when you adapt it to what can meet the cultural conditions that you live by and the principles which you and your partner have built your union on.  

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