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Kitty Realms


This is the story of Ollie, Luther, Moet & Dory. Four cats living in a kingdom of cats. Their homeworld called Alvadaar is attacked by the evil Zlidkar. Now Ollie and his siblings must go on a journey to restore Alvadaar.


About the Author

Ben Robson was born on June 14th 1996. In his early years he was diagnosed with autism, but in his later years he has shown a real determination that would not allow this to hold him back.

After years of Lovaas therapy Ben was able to attend mainstream school and then college. In Sep 2018 he will begin studies at Art College in Nottingham. At eight years old Ben’s parents separated, this brought massive change to his life which, uncharacteristic of people with autism, was dealt with very well. In November 2017 tragically Ben’s mother passed away, this was obviously devastating for him and brought yet more changes to his life. Again Ben coped well and continued to strive towards independence.

Ben now lives in his own home with his step Father Karsten, and on occasion spends time living alone for weeks at a time without assistance.

As a child Ben had an abject fear of animals. Eventually his mother introduced him to cats, his fear started to wane and cats were brought into the home. His father rescued a German Shepherd (GSD) crossed with a Rottweiler called Roxy, she and Ben became close friends. Ben enjoyed the company of numerous cats at his Mother’s home, and while visiting his Father it was not uncommon to find him walking in the woods surrounded by six GSD’s. Ben had conquered his fear.

His Father published a book about Rescue GSD’s which Ben illustrated, this inspired him to write his own book about his cats. To the reader this book is a fiction, but to Ben it’s symbolic of his drive and determination to overcome obstacles, and his unwillingness to accept limitations placed upon him.

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