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Back in 6 Years

Goose Lane Editions

Inspired by travel writer Ted Simon, Tony Robinson-Smith quit his job in Japan, returned home to England, and then set out once more with only a a knapsack, a map, and a dream to travel the world with both feel on the ground. Nearly six years later, he returned home having fulfilled his dream and then some.

Using his journals and memories as his primary sources, Robinson-Smith tells an exhilarating story that begins and ends in England. His adventures include hair-raising trips on African buses, a death-defying sail across the South Atlantic, a journey by boat along a tributary of the Amazon, and a cross-Canada cycling tour done the hard way, from east to west.

Robinson-Smith tells his gripping tale in an affable style with a sense of the comedic. His eye is trained more upon adventure than his own ruminations. With little idea of what he wants or will gain, he takes on the world solo, with only the notion of an approximate direction and a suspicion that enlightenment lies just over the horizon.


"He writes with an unforced quixotic sense of humour... Robinson-Smith’s word pictures are seductive."


The peripathetic Tony Robinson-Smith was born in England and has lived and studied in Canada. He has visited 55 countries in his travels and has taught in Canada, Japan, the United States, Bhutan and Morocco.

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