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Vibrant Collaboration - for people in leading positions interested in deeper dynamics of their colleagues


During collaboration within teams and organizations, sometimes dynamics appear between the co-workers that lead to various conditions that have to do with how they relate with each other. Conditions which include stagnation, tensions, stability or flow. Particularly, the dynamics between feminine and masculine forces seem to amplify these dynamics. With feminine and masculine I don't mean women and men, but the essential principles which can be active in different flavors in all genders. Many of these dynamics are generated by feelings and emotions, and even sexual attraction or its opposite, which are often unnoticed by the people involved and can have unconscious consequences. In this book the author wants to explore how such emotions, as well as our life force and more honest and intimate relations on the workplace, are influencing our collaboration in teams and organizations. When Eros is alive in us, creativity is following close behind. Many men and women in the past have experienced the power of Eros flowing while they painted marvelous paintings, wrote glorious poetry, or inventing advanced technologies. Great artists and inventors have often been inspired by their spouses, assistants, or other muses. An erotic stimulation can empower one to think faster or need less sleep, and it can provoke a longing to penetrate the arising questions in life even deeper. The author imagined inspired minds and hearts coming together in a team where the erotic energy can flow freely (without exploiting it), to empower individual creativity, supporting the co-creation of innovative developments. Applied honesty, authenticity and a more consciously lived intimacy can support the transmutation of Eros. And, in turn, this can lead to better conditions in the workplace, more inspiration, productivity, etc.


Heinz Robert wurde in Österreich geboren und lebte in Spanien, Deutschland und der Schweiz gelebt, bevor er 2020 nach Dänemark zog. Heinz unterstützt Einzelpersonen und Gruppen als Katalysator für transformative Prozesse. Er hat über 20 Jahre Erfahrung in der Selbstentwicklung, mehr als 13 Jahre in der Männer- und Geschlechterthematik, und ist Senior Coach für Männer und Sexualität. In seiner Arbeit geht es immer um Dialog und Transformation. Egal ob in der Einzelarbeit oder in Gruppen, er möchte jeweils die Essenz und die tieferen Zusammenhänge erforschen, und unterstützt andere auf diesem Weg.

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