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In Twenty-first Century New York, a substation of the ordinary subway grid exists that's accessible through wormholes to enable time travel so time scenarios in history can be infiltrated.  Matt is a normal homegrown Brooklyn boy who is recuited by this underground fraternity to join the commune of time travelers to infiltrate these scenarios. While he is there, he meets Gideon who is Proctor, or longest active traveler, and the two of them encounter a bevy of instances and problems that will soon come to play a massive part in the fate of the whole time-space continuum. 

TimeStop is the name of the station where all of this sublimnal activity occurs and was created by a group of origantors named the Founders. There is something fishy going on at the essence of this place's origin that Matt, Gideon and Lorraine are all determined to get to the bottom of.

If you're interested in twists and turns that take you beyond the scope of human understanding that pushes the mind and reader to peak climaxes, you must read this book. The story will range your mind in lenghts that were not thought possible. 

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