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Winter Is My Middle Name


Join Danny and his friends as they have many misadventures in a southwestern Pennsylvania steel town during the late 1950s and early 60s. The story has many memorable and odd characters.  It was a much simpler time; there were no cell phones, computers, or video games.  People still gathered around the radio to listen to 'Superman' and 'Fiber Magee and Molly'.  If they were lucky enough to have a TV, it was black and white and all kitchen appliances were white.  There was no Internet.  The closest thing to Amazon was the Sears Catalog, where you could order anything from a toy train to a Craftsman House.

Sputnik, Echo, and who knows what were circling the earth. The local dump provided everything kids needed to keep them occupied.  There were areas in town that still had outhouses.  They were poor but didn't know it.  Kids could roam the neighborhood without any worries.  Their parents would tell them "Come home when the streetlights come on."

If you are looking for a book like 'War and Peace' or 'Moby Dick', then look somewhere else. This book is more like Jean Shepherd's 'A Christmas Story'; if it were a movie it would be rated 'G' for general audiences.  Whether you are 12 or 112, I am sure you are going to enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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