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This is my life journey - the hardest part; at 40 I was a single mother who had a kid in international school, huge debts, a life to live and I was jobless. There weren't any pre set formula to fall back upon. Reality hit harder than a truck would at the speed of 130 kilometers per hour.

Whait transpired in the subsequent 13 months have been recorded in this book. No economics class or commerce subject could have prepared one for such travails.

The irony was that those who had pledged to stay with me were the first to disappear. Those who hovered around were those who sought benefit in my adversity, hoping to squeeze out whatever was left to salvage before making the final disappearing act.

Then again, there were those who were eagerly waiting for me to jump into their beds, hoping to turn my pain into their pleasure.

It was not a fight; it was a battle from which I had emerged unscathed, wiser and most important of all - very shrewd.

I have recorded my 13 months' journey as a guide to those women who are in similar predicament. Believe me, there are ways to raise funds and continue your life, than to fall victim to anyone who is out to take a free ride on you!

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