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Stepping out


I·m a forty nine year old street musician, I play chromatic harmonica ( the big one with the slide button )  over jazzy backing tracks and I also  do a bit of guitar work with the smaller diatonic ones. I get away with a bit of dot reading, so easily carried manuscripts are  brought along.

Maybe you've seen me!, People say I·m pretty good, I sell CD's,the lot..

I·m not a crowd pleaser or a juke box strummer. I do not do favorites, requests or happy birthdays. I·m just an old jazzer who burns through some rarities. I do cater for some. There are still some chickens left out in the yard. I go for a bigger catch. Watch out for the tiny saxophones..

As I have pitched in many towns and cities in Europe and America I offer you opinions, facts, reactions, experiences, answers, law situations...etc

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