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Environmental Protection: Critical Perspectives in Science and Literature


The present book investigates various dimensions of environmental protection and degradation. It contain original and review research articles from science as well as literature fields. Broadly speaking it covers the areas like environmental degradation, issues of pollution, geo-environmental predicament, Eco criticism and environmental consciousness in English literature.

The main purpose of the book is to investigate present predicament of environmental degradation and to discuss the possible solutions in a scientific way for the protection of environment. At present the books available on the topic of environmental protection does not cover all the dimensions and most of them are particular path oriented like resources on biodiversity, pollution, etc. the present book fulfils this lacuna and explores environment from various perspectives in a scientific way. The book also discusses reflection of environmental consciousness in literature.

Since environmental degradation and protection is a multi-layered phenomenon, this book will be helpful to the teachers, students and researchers who wish to understand various dimensions of the environmental issues with possible scientific solutions.


The author is working as Assistant Professor in Botany in Shree Shivaji College, Rajura, affiliated to Gondwana University, Gadchiroli, Maharashtra, India. He has 11 years experience of teaching and 10 years experience of research. He has published 11 research papers in National and International reputed Journals and has also published two books with ISBN. Organised and conducted several National and International level conferences and seminars.

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