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Maryann's Appaloosa

BWL Publishing Inc.

When fifteen-year-old Maryann Madigan’s parents are killed in a plane crash, she’s uprooted from a privileged Boston lifestyle to a Wyoming horse ranch. Living with an aunt she barely knows, the young woman struggles with her grief until a spirited appaloosa stallion captures her heart. There’s just one problem, she’s terrified of horses. Determined to learn how to ride, she enlists the help of Rick Ferguson, a charismatic, dark-haired cowboy who falls hard for the shy but resilient beauty. Clandestine riding lessons conquer her fear of horses and kindle their young love. When a vindictive ranch hand goes too far, Maryann must fight to save her beloved horse, her hero, and the place she now calls home.


Wonderful coming of age story and great horses besides.


Obsessed with horses and dogs since childhood, Karen has shown purebred collies for several decades in obedience and conformation.  Over 40 of her articles appeared in national dog magazines and several collie books.  She won three Dog Writer’s Association of America awards, the latest for I Loved Them First, a memoir in poems and photographs about the horses and dogs she’s shared her life with. She lives deep in the woods of Westchester County, New York with two collies, Rufus and Keri, and Rosebud, her cat.

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