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Change with passion


Like a magician reveals his tricks, it’s high time to demystify the often-overrated role of big consultancies providing you with services in the field of restructuring, productivity and efficiency. You know full well that, at the end of the day, you are the one who does most of the consultants’ work. You don’t need the expensive “white collar” advice given to your management board.

What you really need is stimulation for that vital “click” in your head! Something to help you accept the change process in a slightly different way. Some out-of-the-box oversight throughout the change management process never goes amiss. And being given the freedom by your management board to make a few mistakes while changing things is important too. Then just add a small dash of the charisma required to engage a critical mass of people around you, and you are now ready to become a real leader for change. You are the chief change officer and your people will rally around you. They will follow through on your change.

Just remember one thing – once you read the book, change management will not become any easier in itself. You’ll just become much better at being able to SCORE your change and WIN.


Ervin Pfeifer is a strategic consultant advising the management boards how to change their business to grow even better. He has been passionately introducing changes in the lives of companies for over 25 years.

His consulting practice is built on leading /advising positions of major national and international companies, primarily in industry of finance & banking, production, telecommunication, energy and automotive.

He focuses on business strategies and organizational development, improving operations by restructuring key processes, facilitating new revenue streams with services and modern business models. By negotiating the change in ever-changing business environment. Wherever possible by applying digital transformation! Targeting improvement of efficiency and productivity. Resulting in higher profit.

His company won European Commission's Award for the innovative environmental product of the year.

He has M.Sc. in engineering, M.Sc. (1st-in-class) and Ph.D. (1st-in-program) in management & business administration.

I‘m adviser who passionately design changes in life! 


Suzana Leben has been facilitating business transformation in different roles. She has a track record of successfully leading huge optimization, growth and M&A projects and also managing holistically strategy definition and execution – i.e. business transformation programs.

Her background includes banking, payment systems, telecommunication, automotive, tourism.

She focuses on hands-on implementation of digital (business) strategies, by delivering the best mix of measures to achieve the goals with the optimal outcome, by facilitating the definition and prioritization of measures, by seeking and challenging new ideas, beyond core revenue streams and new business models. She is a great integrator of ideas, people, „melting“ industries and inspirer of digital and social components, first in the heads of change makers and than in the corporate (IT, organizational, business) systems.

She holds B.Sc. in macro and microeconomics and M.Sc in Information management.

She openly shares the experience with peers.

I‘m not an adviser… I work for a living! 

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