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Orca Book Publishers | Orca Soundings

Life hasn't been easy for fifteen-year-old Lizzie Jackson since her father's sudden death four years ago. Shortly after he died, her mother, Lydia, began dating and drinking herself into oblivion, leaving Lizzie to parent her younger brother, Charlie. Things go from bad to worse when Lydia marries Dean. To protect Charlie from Dean's rage, Lizzie makes herself the target of his abuse. But when Dean sexually assaults Lizzie, things change forever. Can she continue to ensure her brother's safety after she flees their home?


"Enough is in the gritty tradition of many of the Orca novels, and is similarly powerful. Lizzie is a real world example of a teen torn apart by decisions she should not have to make at her age. We must admire her courage and resilience in the face of these challenges."


Mary Jennifer Payne is a graduate of the Humber School for Writers' Summer Workshop in Creative Writing and a special-education teacher at Nelson Mandela Park Public School in Toronto, Ontario. Her writing has been published in journals, anthologies and magazines in Canada and abroad. Since You've Been Gone, her first full-length young-adult novel, was published in 2015. For more information, visit www.maryjenniferpayne.typepad.com.

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