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Love and Laughter in the Time of Chemotherapy

Second Story Press

Manjusha Pawagi, a successful family court judge, has written a not-so-typical memoir about her experience with cancer. Wryly funny and stubbornly hopeful, this is her quirky take on what it's like to face your own mortality when, to be honest, you thought you'd live forever. She describes how even the darkest moments of life can be made worse with roommates; details how much determination it takes to ignore the statistics; and answers the age-old question: what does it take to get a banana popsicle around here?


... candid and often funny... Pawagi's inexhaustable sense of humour does not neutralize so much as complicate her terror and despair... Love and Laughter in the Time of Chemotherapy is full of such revelations, which emerge from among minute details as is often the case with memoirs, but their frequency and richness here is due largely to the author's honesty.


Manjusha Pawagi was a journalist, children's author and lawyer before being appointed a family court judge in 2009. Her children's book The Girl Who Hated Books is an international bestseller, translated into more than a dozen languages and made into an award-winning animated short by the National Film Board of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her husband Simon and children Jack and Anna.

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