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Sara is a well known photographer in New York.  She came from India to New York about 8 years ago to escape past memories.  A recent mail from a friend for her college reunion has made Sara to think has she really escaped those memories.  Vishwas is also a well known photographer who runs his own firm in New York.  Vishwas loves Sara from past two years and they know each other from past five years.  Vishwas's love for Sara has forced her to open some deep secrets from her past. 

What happens when Vishwas knows about Sara?  Will Sara ever be able to accept Vishwas's love or will she continue to live in her past?  What happens when Sara goes to India after 8 years?  Will she be able to overcome those memories that haunt her till date?  What happens when she revisits her memories?  Will she be able to go back to New York?


Story of a girl and her commitment towards someone which changed her way of life, which changed her perspective about love, which changed her completely as an individual.




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