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Forensic Science In Nigeria: The Quest


The purpose of this book is to draw attention to the expedient relevance of the forensic science community in our nation Nigeria some of which include criminal investigation and prosecution,national security and national disaster planning and preparedness. The pertinence of the forensic science experts, which are evidently reticulate, furnish the groundwork for the purpose of the book which is to make our society put to effective use the service of the forensic science community.

Forensic science is a community that involves a lot of disciplines. This book sought to reveal some of the diffrent fields, the pith of forensic laboratories, forensic science teachers and researchers, and law enforcement agencies who understand how forensic science evidence is collected, analysed and used in connection with criminal investigations and prosecution.

I am really grateful to all those that had one form of input or the other towards the success of this book. Their work made this book of great value.

The inestimable value of the forensic science community, which includes both research and practice, cannot be overemphasised and this cannot be attained without adequate resources and sound policies to nuture its growth in Nigeria.

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