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Skateboard Sibby

Second Story Press

Eleven-year-old Sibby Henry liked her old life. Now she's living in a new town with her nan and pops, and is mad at her dad for messing everything up. On her first day of school, she sees a dope skateboard park. But she can’t use it because her precious board is gone forever. To make things worse, Freddie, a super skater and a super jerk, dominates the park. Sibby tries to stay cool, but when Freddie gets in the face of Sibby’s friend Charlie Parker Drysdale, things get too hot for chill. Never one to back down, Sibby accepts when Freddie challenges her to a skateboarding competition. She won’t let anything stop her from proving herself.


Clare O'Connor is a communications professional and writer. She now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her family and still owns a skateboard.

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