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The Kindness Colder Than the Elements

Athabasca University Press | Mingling Voices

With wit and cunning, Noble's poems insinuate themselves into the mediations of "we use language" / "language uses us," into the objectification of "mind," into the struggles and cracking of systems. Cuing on Hegel's epochal revitalization of the syllogism, they begin with sentences-cum-arguments that issue from an everyman's intentions and insights, playing into and baiting the "sociality of reason." In the cut-up sentences then come the restless, accelerated themes—themes that exist only in their variations, ghosting into one another like the dusk and the dawn in a winging, distended now.


Poet, philosopher, and family farmer, Charles Noble divides his time between Banff and Nobleford, Alberta. His most recent books are Sally O: Selected Poems and Manifesto (2009) and Death Drive Through Gaia Paris (2007).

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