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After the stunning Igneri-Arawak beauty, Barbe, and Xamba—the innocent, pubescent daughter of an Igneri-Arawak chief—are kidnapped from their village on Saba by Kalinago warriors, their seventeenth century lives become a series of island hoppings that create waves in the islands...

Whilst still in captivity by the Kalinago warriors on St Kitts, Barbe falls in love with English coloniser Thomas Warner who fathers her lovechild, Indian Warner. Not long after, she becomes the trigger to the English-led massacre of thousands of Kalinago warriors on St Kitts.

Xamba, who is taken by the Kalinagos  from Saba to St Kitts and then by the English from St. Kitts to Antigua, falls in love with an Englishman who fathers her beautiful daughter Zulmiera who is left behind on Antigua after a Kalinago raid on the English settlement. 

Zulmiera, who also falls in love with a charming young Englishman, unwittingly becomes the catalyst to the massacre of hundreds of Kalinago warriors on Antigua...

Do Barbe and Xamba ever meet again? Does Barbe know something about the bloodletting that Xamba doesn’t? Is there a curse at work?

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