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Xenia my Love


Xenia my Love, is a Love story.  An Erotic Romance, with a Bond of Love out of this World. A Sexual Fantasy.  This book will keep you on your toes, and your mind will wonder with imagination. Read at Your Own Risk! Fiction and Fantasy..Make Believe.. None of it is based on true events or any knowledge of other Worlds.. Xenia is only a figment of my imagination... The Giants and Nephilim are only Myth.. Biblical names were only used to correlate the stories..The LOFT's are not real, and Space-Time Bending is only a guess on how to travel the Heavens.. Coculombido might be a fruit that smells real nice and taste even better.. This book has been edited with Grammarly, and is as correct as I can get it without the intervention of a true editor. Please, if you find some mistakes please let me know, my contact is under my author page. Thank you... 

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