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The Adventures of Feliz

tredition | The Adventures of Feliz

The "The Adventures of Feliz" is a series about a former dog monk by the name of Feliz. In this first book, our canine friend is reborn onto Earth to accompany Salla, a young aspiring artist, on her road to a more meaningful and happy life. Although Feliz is filled with wisdom and tends to be spiritually a step ahead of her new human companion, she too has her own challenges and quirks to overcome. Their adventures take them from the Arctic Sea to the Southern tip of Italy and from life lessons learnt from nature to those of ancient sages. The series is as much a geographical and spiritual journey, as it is one of two friends on their path to a life of joy, meaning and inner peace.


Sanna Myrttinen is a visual artist born in 1973, in Helsinki, Finland. After an international education and career, she now lives and works in Starnberg, Southern Germany. Her works are exhibited regularly in galleries and at shows across Europe. Her painting studio lies on a farm in the beautiful Bavarian countryside. “The Adventures of Feliz” is her first book series.

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