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Air Carnation


Guadalupe Muro, recipient of the Raul Urtusan - Frances Harley Scholarship for Young Emerging Artists from Argentina, has always had her own unique way of experiencing life. When applied to her writing, Muro says she finally "felt like a dog deciding to be a dog." Muro's Spanish publications have achieved strong acclaim, and now, BookThug is proud to introduce this remarkable new talent to the Canadian literary market. Air Carnation features an absorbing narrative that bridges non-fiction and fiction, poetry and song, as Muro explores themes of independence in love and the writerly life. With sojourns in Argentina, Buenos Aires, New York, Washington, and a cross-Canada train passage from Edmonton to Toronto, Air Carnation is an affecting work that will have readers laughing, crying, and all the while, enjoying this fascinating meta-fiction that sings of hippiedom in Patagonia.


GUADALUPE has many plans and they are the world. Then all the waves of the ocean fall out of the moon, straight into her heart, and break it. And then, quite unexpectedly, RITA arrives, leaving Guadalupe feeling happier than Ringo in an Octopus’s garden. Read Guadalupe Muro’s Air Carnation. It plays at high r/min from one end to another, and leaves one joyous.


Somewhere between the startling intimacy of Marguerite Duras and the fragmentary wit of Renata Adler lies Guadalupe Muro’s quietly luminous Air Carnation. Like a photo album brought to life, these vignettes weave personal anecdotes with meditations on poetry and art, the surreal with the banal, and wry humour with almost disarming candor. A brave, delightful, haunting book.


With the tender magic of Guadalupe Muro's realism, Air Carnation is the patient portrait of a storyteller recollected and re-imagined, full of heartbreak and lightness.



Guadalupe Muro is an Argentinian writer, producer and artist. Her first collection of poems, Con quién dormías? was published in 2007. Air Carnation is her first novel. She is currently working with musicians to compose a soundtrack to the novel, a project called "Songs for Runaway Girls," which can ben heard at https://www.facebook.com/songsforrunawaygirls. Muro lives in Sc. de Bariloche, a small town in Patagonia, where she directs the collaborative literary project "Las Cartas de Guadalupe." Follow Muro at http://facebook.com/lascartasdeguadalupe and http://lascartasdeguadalupe.com.

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