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Too Dumb for Democracy?

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Bad decisions down to a science.

D'oh-mocracy at its finest.

Brexit. Trump. Ford Nation. In this timely book, David Moscrop asks why we make irrational political decisions and whether our stone-age brains can process democracy in the information age.

In an era overshadowed by income inequality, environmental catastrophes, terrorism at home and abroad, and the decline of democracy, Moscrop argues that the political decision-making process has never been more important. In fact, our survival may depend on it.

Drawing on both political science and psychology, Moscrop examines how our brains, our environment, the media, and institutions influence decision-making. Making good decisions is not impossible, Moscrop argues, but the psychological and political odds are sometimes stacked against us. In this readable and provocative investigation of our often-flawed decisions, Moscrop explains what's going wrong in today's political landscape and how individuals, societies, and institutions can work together to set things right.


"So much of modern political debate revolves around what people are feeling. It's nice to be reminded that deciding is the basic building block of democracy — not just for politicians, but for citizens too. If you've been worried lately about the state of democracy, Moscrop might just be able to help."


"Moscrop is one of those most marvelous and rare things, a brilliant scholar who can synthesize history, politics, and science and explain them in a way that doesn't make the reader feel like they're being forced to do homework. You'll have a much better understanding of what's going on around you, and how to be part of the solution to the big issues facing all of us today."


"It is difficult, in the Age of Trump, not to lose faith in democracy. Moscrop, to his credit, does not avert his eyes from the magnitude of the problems that confront us. More important, however, is that he provides some serious suggestions as to where the solutions might lie."


David Moscrop is a political theorist with an interest in democratic deliberation and citizenship. Moscrop is a regular writer for Maclean’s, a contributing columnist to the Washington Post, and a regular political commentator on television and radio. He has also authored pieces in numerous other newspapers and magazines including the Globe and Mail and National Post.

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