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Romaine Moreton

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Romaine Moreton is an Australian writer, filmmaker and performance poet and is of the Goernpil and the Bundjalung  people. She lives in Katoomba, New South Wales, and is one of the most experimental contemporary poets writing today in the English language. As an Indigenous writer today, her political and poetic writing expresses linguistic focus and outrage, and her readers are both confronted and challenged by her poems. Commenting her new poems in this notebook, Moreton states, “The things I have to say and how I say them are a direct response to the environment in which I have grown up and continue to live in. To create works that do not deal with the morbid and mortal affects of racism for one, and the beauty of Indigenous culture for another, would be for me personally, to produce works that are farcical.”


Language: German/English

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