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As the Lilacs Bloomed

The Azrieli Foundation | The Azrieli Series of Holocaust Survivor Memoirs

In the spring of 1944, as Germany occupied her native Hungary, Anna Hegedűs barely had time to notice the flowers blooming around her. One year later, as the lilacs blossomed once again, she returned to her hometown of Szatmár and set her memories, raw and vivid, to paper. Her unflinching words convey the bitter details of the Szatmár ghetto, Auschwitz, the Schlesiersee forced labour camp and a perilous death march. At forty-eight years old, Anna had survived a lifetime of trauma, and as she wrote, she waited, desperately hoping her family would return.


Anna Molnár Hegedűs was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire on August 2, 1897. She married Zoltan Hegedűs in Szatmár (Satu-Mare) on June 14, 1921, and had two children, John and Agnes. Anna Hegedűs immigrated to Israel from Romania in 1949 and to Canada in 1952. She died in 1979.

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