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Tina's Aha Moments!


There is a little mathematician in every child. However, Tina is a young girl who finds that math is difficult and exhausting. She doubts her abilities in math and dislikes it. Then she recognizes learning as a superpower. She becomes curious and wonders, “How does learning actually work? Can I train my brain for math, similar to training my muscles?” With her new perspective she starts her very own treasure hunt.

“Tina’s AHA moments!” is a fascinating story with important insights into the working of our brains and math learning. It is valuable for children, as well as for adults who shape the learning of children. The story challenges limiting beliefs and ideas, arouses curiosity and will hopefully serve to inspire children in their math learning. This book shall be the beginning of a rewarding journey for you and your child.

“This book is sure to help many children rediscover confidence in their math abilities.” (Prof. Gerald Hüther, german neurobiologist and author)

“This book is a great book for young readers, for teachers and for parents. It embraces key points of good learning which work together nicely as a learning ecosystem, they help each other and boost each other.” (Dongmei Li, Program Manager Adobe)

“I wish I had this book as a child.” (Nina Kottek, Real Estate Manager)

“I love this book.” (Finn, 3rd grader)

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