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Girl in a Wheelchair


Zoe’s life crashes down around her as she struggles to come to terms with her newly diagnosed illness. She feels as though she has lost everything, until her life begins to change after an encounter with a young, rich, but strangely troubled, Danish woman. A relaxing holiday suddenly spirals into a series of increasingly frightening events which test her fragile health and mental strength to the limit. Underlying everything, is Zoe’s dilemma over her possible psychic ‘gift’.


Erin Miller has been writing fiction in a variety of genres since childhood. She felt that heroines with disabilities were somewhat thin on the ground, and wanted to help to change the usual stereotype in her novel ‘Girl in a Wheelchair’. Erin also felt it important to show the struggles that many people face in life, especially when dealing with ‘invisible’ illness.

Erin lives in Sussex with a collection of rescue animals. She is married and has three children. She has suffered with M.E. for a large part of her life but has tried not to let it stop her living as full a life as possible.

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