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Bambule: Das Regiebuch

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While researching his contribution for dOCUMENTA (13), artist Clemens von Wedemeyer came across the film script for Ulrike Meinhof’s Bambule. Fürsorge – Sorge für wen? (Bambule: Care – Care for Whom?), with handwritten notes and drawings by director Eberhard Itzenplitz, who worked with her on the realization of the film for a television channel. However, the broadcast, scheduled for May 1970, was cancelled because the journalist and later co-founder of the RAF had disappeared into the terrorist underground ten days earlier. For Wedemeyer, a script is basically film material that reflects the working environment, the production process, and (self-) censorship. He was particularly interested that in this case it is also a kind of time capsule. When the film was finally broadcast twenty-four years later, the social landscape had been fundamentally transformed. The screenplay closes the temporal gap and bears witness to the discussions held among those involved. In an epilogue, Bettina Röhl (*1962), daughter of Ulrike Meinhof, sheds light on the motivation for the reform-home campaigns as a political program.


Clemens von Wedemeyer (*1974) is an artist living in Berlin.

Bettina Röhl (*1962) is a journalist and author living in Hamburg

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