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The King's Consort

BWL Publishing Inc.

Most little girls dream of marrying their Prince Charming and having the happy ever after, but what if the fables we've been told don't tell the whole story? Born the illegitimate daughter of a seamstress in Denmark's mid-1800s, Louise Rasmussen rises to become a noted ballerina with the Royal Danish ballet, but getting pregnant with her own illegitimate child dashes her every hope and dream, forcing her to start a new life. Falling in love with Crowned Prince Frederik of Denmark should have made her life easier, but fate is fickle. Despite severe opposition from the nobility, Frederik weds Louise, the newly titled Countess Danner, soon after he is crowned King. Deeply in love, the two must fight to find some semblance of happiness in an environment that refuses to bend, and amid pending war and social turmoil, Louise and Frederik discover what is most important. Many claim she was a gold-digger, yet toward the end of her life, she creates Danner House, a home for unwed mothers and orphans, which still exists today.


The King’s Consort is a captivating story about countess Danner and Frederik VII, being born and raised in Denmark, I have heard about Countess Danner all my life, passing the Countess Danner foundations house in Nansensgade, several times, I often thought what kind of person she was, and how life was at that time. reading "The King’s Consort" the long lost people comes to life, I got a glimpse of how Copenhagen were at that time. The difference of woman and men, I love the descriptions of the surrounding area. it draws a picture of a warm, wise woman, which to this day is still remembered for charity work is still going on, including through the orphanage buildings erected around the castle houses year after year children for a shorter or longer period need support and care. As in previous books by Debbie McClure, is also The King’s Consort well written.

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