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Lucky's Mountain

Orca Book Publishers | Orca Young Readers

The year is 1935 and Maggie Sullivan's world has fallen apart. Maggie has grown up in a close-knit mining community perched atop a mountain in British Columbia. But now her father has been killed in a mine explosion and she is being forced to leave the only home she has ever known. To make matters worse, she must also leave behind her best friend Lucky, the three-legged dog that was a special gift from Pa.


"a fast moving book... [with a] spunky heroine... Recommended."


"many threads can be teased from this book, including school bullies, courage, accepting people regardless of their looks"


Dianne Maycock has always wanted to write books about animals. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from UBC and a combined Master's degree in Adult Education and Counselling from the University of Toronto. She has visited every Canadian province except for P.E.I., as well as most of the countries in Europe. Dianne lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with her family and is available for school presentations.

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