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LUMINARES – an amazingly uplifting book of original quotes.

Sometimes it takes more than you to get up on your feet. We are all humans and have our weaknesses. There are moments it seems everything in your life is going topsy-turvy and you can’t seem to make sense of it all. Hey, take a breather…we all have these moments. Thankfully we usually have friends and family to help us cope when the downside of life rears its ugly head. But how about those moments when it seems like you have no one, depression hits you, you’re lonely and filled with so much negative energy that you don’t seem able to get up. Your self-esteem plummets and you start having that niggling feeling of ending it all. In fact, you are on the brink it seems.

Wait a moment!

What would you do if you were shown something to turn these bad moments around? Knowing that you are not alone, someone else has been there too.

Would you grab it with both hands or let it go?

I think we both know the answer to that.

The truth is YOU can help yourself through your trying moments but...

Only if you have the right guidance and information

YES! You can!

You will get to see how you can inspire yourself intellectually and morally…all by yourself.

All you need do is to get your hands on a copy of LUMINARES.

This is an amazingly motivational book specially created to suit our modern age. It encourages living your life around 5 elements which are: Loving, Living, Leisure. Laughter and Learning.

You have the natural tendencies to withstand any storms in life but to do this, you need proper guidance.

And that’s what you will be able to do once you get this book, go through it and live it.

This is no complex, technical stuff, mind you!

With the life-saving information contained in LUMINARES, you can turn around whatever mess you find yourself in to see the positives in them.

Winners are those who withstand and beat the challenges of life, losers are those who get defeated and throw in the


One of the most passionate humanitarians of his time, is the best selling-author of the Better Business Book vol. 3 and the Luminaries series. He grew up in Hundheim, Germany and the U.S.; now resides in Texas. His experience and education is broad and deep ranging from corporate executive positions to currently working on his PhD in relationship counseling and development. With several other books in production this 4th generation author is sure to be one to watch in the future.

He currently is the CEO of a tech-startup called RE-VOICE, a company that develops futuristic devices to aid the deaf. Their flagship product which he is the inventor of, are gloves that allow the deaf to speak audibly through sign language.

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