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The Encaisseur


Tiran, personal assassin to the Saint Lucian Criminal Lord, invites two of the most respected and viciously known criminals into the oasis and secrecy of his aunt, Leanna Cedil's secluded home, one of them once known as the Reaper.

Le Encaisseur runs into the woman that Tiran calls Aunt Cedil and is immediately entranced by her. Everything she does is an enigma to him. She is nothing he expected yet everything he expects from a woman. She completely envelopes him in her heat and warmth, burning his darkened soul with her light. He knows where he belongs and what he has to do.

Leanna Cedil has lived a life of seclusion inviting only those she trusts and knows into her oasis. To say that she was furious that persons without her consent had breached fortress was an understatement. She was immediately soothed by the towering dragon who swiftly devours and responds to her very soul. Blood will be spilled. Satisfaction will be rendered. A new Head will rise and bonds of friendship will be recognized.

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