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Happy Go Money

ECW Press

The Social’s finance expert connects money and happiness in this fresh, feel-good guide to financial well-being

Everything tells us that what will make us happy can be bought, whether it’s the latest gadgets, renovated kitchens, or luxury goods. But research has shown that having more money in the bank and more stuff around the house doesn’t necessarily correlate with being a happier person. With Happy Go Money, financial expert Melissa Leong cuts through the noise to show you how to get the most delight for your dollar.

Happy Go Money combines happiness psychology and personal finance and distills it into an indispensable starter guide. Each snappy chapter provides practical, easy-to-understand advice on topics such as spending, budgeting, investing, and mindfulness, while weaving in research, interactive exercises, and relatable anecdotes. Frank, funny, and empowering, this primer challenges everyone to revamp their relationship with their money so they can dial down their worries and supersize their joy.


“Leong’s breezy, relatable writing style will appeal to a broad range of readers.” — Booklist

“A book that puts money, life and happiness in perspective. Loved every minute of it.” — Gail Vaz-Oxlade, author of Money Talks and Debt-Free Forever

“While it’s true that money isn’t the first ingredient to happiness, lacking financial awareness can be a barrier to happiness — and a barrier to advancement, which has been making women unhappy for a long, long time. During this movement of change, as women continue to interrogate the status quo, continue to demand more — equality, opportunity, and respect — we have been encouraged to talk more openly about money, to develop a relationship with it, and to understand how we can make money work for us. Melissa Leong has produced a valuable resource as we engage ourselves deeper in this conversation . . . by giving new dimension to the conversation. Happy Go Money is informative but also accessible, smart and funny, silly and sexy, tough and also kind. It is, perhaps, the way money has always wanted to be represented. Melissa Leong has given her a makeover — and she looks SO good.” — Elaine Lui, LaineyGossip.com, and author of Listen to the Squawking Chicken

“A must-read for anyone who wants to fall in love with their money.” — Shannon Lee Simmons, founder of the New School of Finance

“This might be the only personal finance book I have actually enjoyed reading from cover-to-cover. The one thing the title doesn’t tell you is that Melissa is hilarious. You will laugh as much as you learn!” — Cait Flanders, author of The Year of Less

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