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The Anatomy of Ethical Leadership

Athabasca University Press

Performance at all costs, productivity without regard to consequences, and a competitive work environment: these are the ethical factors discussed in The Anatomy of Ethical Leadership, which highlights issues in workplace culture while looking into a brighter future for labour ethics. Langlois maintains that an enhanced awareness of the process of ethical decision making in difficult situations will lead to the establishment of practices that encourage productive relationships between co-workers. Will the twenty-first century be marked as an era leading to a healthier work environment? The Anatomy of Ethical Leadership aims to serve those in human resource management and those concerned with practical work ethic.


Dr. Lyse Langlois is an associate professor in the Department of Industrial Relations at Université Laval, with a focus on leadership and workplace ethics. She is a member of the Inter-University Research Centre on Globalization and Work and the Institut d’éthique appliquée at Université Laval. She also sits on the Board of Trustees for the Center for the Study of Leadership and Ethics at Pennsylvania State University.

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