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Lean Construction


Lean-Construction: practical insights for innovating construction management

This book grasps some of the most practical and applicable concepts in optimizing construction projects and the objective is, to dig deeper into what is behind this so-called “lean-construction”. Six topics are selected, based on the criteria of highest relevance in conducting construction projects.

Each chapter is introduced with a provocative key questions, such as “why is construction progress always lower than planned”, “why is building a steering room more than installing a performance board” or the question of “how to steer a construction site with takt-time” and many other topics such as performance management, or integrated collaborative planning. The content of this book will simplify your life as a construction manager, planner, owner or consultant. And at the same time it is easily understandable and fun to read.

Alexander Lange

Prof. Dr.-Ing.


Alexander Lange


Prof. Dr.-Ing. MBA

Alexander is a Professor in construction Management at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences in Germany, and a Partner-Consultant of ModelLean and FC-Consulting in the area of lean-construction and optimization.

Prior to his current activities he worked several years as a Consultant at McKinsey & Company in the Operations-Practice and before that as a Project Manager at Arcelor-Mittal.

His professional passion is about lean-construction, training, cultural change and transformation of the construction sector.

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