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A Puppy is for Loving

Orca Book Publishers | Orca Echoes

Elsie is about to have puppies, and Elizabeth is going to help. Her grandmother shows her exactly how to make the den for the dog and how to be ready when the puppies come out. After they are born, Elizabeth helps Elsie care for them. Most important of all, though, she helps her grandmother find just the right home for each, especially the very last one.


"A Puppy is For Loving is a very strong book....Mary Labatt's intimate knowledge of raising puppies is evident in the text and the passion with which she tells this story. Highy recommended."


"This story could turn any kid into a dog lover."


Mary Labatt breeds collies with her daughter, Elizabeth. She has written two series of books about dogs, Dog Detective Sam and Puppy Sam. Mary lives and writes in Port Rowan, Ontario.

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