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Cover zur kostenlosen eBook-Leseprobe von »SAFRINE«



         Safrine-fair, slender and beautiful, fell in love with the charming Kristen. The love at first slap and Max, her secondary mate creates a love triangle. Life was never better, but the perfect moment for everything to go right is the moment perfect for everything to go wrong.  She has lost everything, everyone and also her beloved Kris, chased by Blacks. Mark Black Knight, Safrine's soul mate tries to make bond and activate himself.

Safrine, couldn't overcome her love with Kris was happening to meet a new handsome stranger who melts her heart at the first sight! She  no more has the ability to decide whom she needs, finally a decision awaits between the web of boyfriend, lover, mate and soul mate... Can a girl become a weapon to destroy the world of Black Knights???

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