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Russian Violin School


Violin exercises for the left hand.


Alexander Kostin was born in 1970 in Lutsk, Ukraine. At the age ot 15, he won first

prize in the violin category and the overall Grand Prix of Concertino Prague.

He completed his studies in Kiev and Moscow and performed as a soloist with

numerous orchestras in the Soviet Union. Alexander Kostin was a member of the famous Moscow Soloists Orchester under the direction of Juri Bashmet. Kostin's passion and sincere concept of teaching were highly appreciated and he became the

youngest assistant at the Moscow State Conservatory.

In 1998, Kostin moved to Munich, Germany where he started to work at the Bavarian

State Opera and continued teaching the violin. Among his students are winners of

international music competitions and tenured members of several renowned

European orchestras. Inspired by the medical studies of his wife and ascertains Korean movement theory, Kostin established a unique teaching technique based on anatomy and neurophysiology., Kostin's method ascertains that the repetition of rudimentary movements has an impact on reflexive responses and changes structures within the brain.

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