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Do You Promise Not To Tell?


"Do You Promise Not to Tell? The Final Story of the Official George Harrison Fan Club" is the sequel to Pat Kinzer Mancuso's first book "Do You Want to Know a Secret? The Story of the Official George Harrison Fan Club". The OGHFC was ended abruptly in 1972 when the Beatles decided to shut down all of their fan clubs as the band broke-up in 1970. Pat's fan club newsletter was sighted as the reason as George did not like some of the content. George had given Pat permission to run this fan club by signing the fan club's charter several years prior. Pat was devastated by this accusation and tried for the next 5 decades to find out why. After the first book was published, she was able to put all the pieces together. The second book reveals what apparently happened all those years ago, plus incorporates stories of Pat's life.


Pat Kinzer Mancuso was the President of the Official George Harrison Fan Club from 1964 to 1972. Pat is a former long-time secretary, author of "Do You Want To Know a Secret – The Story of the Official George Harrison Fan Club," volunteer Sales Assistant for Peter Asher, and soon-to-be-retired Travel Agent for Odyssey Travel/Pixie Dust Tours who specialized in trips to Disney locations and England Beatles sites. She lives in Trappe, Pennsylvania with her husband, Tony. She enjoys writing, traveling, scrapbooking, reading, and attending Beatles-related concerts with her friends.

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