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United States of You


The United States of You is a game changer: it enables you to align your mind, body, and heart in a systematic way to gain sustainable access to your source of infinite energy. With this self-leadership book, you’ll learn how to be balanced and constantly in touch with your creative power. You’ll gain inner clarity by being aware of yourself and others. How? You see and manage yourself as a team of four: the four Mes or Formies. Each Formie represents a vital part of you: your mind, your body, your heart and your consciousness. You will become familiar with the language and the needs of all Formies, enabling you to be in command of yourself and your life. You will gain stamina, inner strength, wisdom, and joy. Especially in times of disruptive change, you’ll benefit from an increased awareness level with which to master life.

But be aware: beginning this journey means buying a one-way ticket. You only can move ahead – there is no way back. Embarking on this journey means changing yourself, regardless of how tiring the trip gets.

To smoothen your journey, you get a navigation system, the L-Loops which you can follow through each part of your inner map to locate self-limitations, let go of mental and emotional patterns, learn more about yourself and your issues, laugh about your quirks and the funny side of life, leverage your insights to changed behaviour and love what you do and who you are.

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