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Adventures of Two Captains


We, the authors, Paul Amrod and Ellias Aghili are poets that have a similar vision. This vision is reflected in this poem we have created hoping for the periods in time where mankind was enlightened and truly democratic would return for the benefit of all. The two main characters of this poem are two astronauts that are called Captains. Therefore the title “Adventures of Two Captains” was chosen. Billy Meier, the Swiss proponent of communication with extraterrestrials, has collected the philosophy of the Pleaidians who are sending us thought waves through meditation. A female Semjase, who transmits these thoughts, is the name of Billy’s counterpart. This inspired the poets to constantly have conversation with the Pleaidians who care deeply about our success as a relatively new race of beings that have the capability of spiritual ascension.

This exciting project was begun in February of 2016 as a young Persian poet decided to ask a

somewhat older Lebanese-American to collaborate with him on a science fiction adventure poem.

Ellias Aghili with Paul Amrod then began the poem by exchanging five to seven stanzas as verses and

sent Emails from Persia to Germany back and forth and have developed a poem of five chapters

embracing a truly imaginative travel through space on a ship called Black Star in the name

of light against darkness to eventually reach a far off place called Ysá Land. The two Captains are

Orion and the younger protégé Captain A.

Paul engaged himself with a KGB film about extraterrestrials and used named and incidents

which may or may not have occurred. It was an exciting good resource for ideas.

We reached an amazing Five Chapters with 20 Verses a piece describing an incredible exposition through two parallel universes to eventually reach the coveted timeless land of Ysá.


Born on the 28th of January, 1996 in a family who love art, literature and history. Ellias soon found his taste in literature and especially poetry. He wrote his first limerick when was 12 years old.

Later on when he was 14, books like “the peace book by Todd Parr”, “let there be peace on earth: and let it begin with me by Jill Jackson and Sy Miller” , “What does peace feel like? By Vladimir Radunsky “helped him to get familiar with the essence of peace. Reading poems by Calude Mckay , Wendell Berry and Robert Frost in that age inspired him to start writing poems in a more serious way, sonnets of Shakespeare were also good sources of inspiration for him. So when he was 16, Ellias wrote the book called: “International Poems Collection” the book got the first provincial place in the most famous competition of inventions in Iran, “Kharazmi ” and the fifth place in the country competition, yet to be the only project of its kind. This book received confirmations from the University of Isfahan and now is being preserved in the ministry of science and research and technology.

Next year, Ellias with the cooperation of two hardworking and creative friends, (Hosein Heidari and Hooman Danesh) wrote another poetry booked called: A Path to Salvation. This book also won Kharazmi awards. His Excellency, Dr. Zarif, wrote a thanks letter for Ellias for the book since it includes some nice and extraordinary elements of literature, humanity, peace and international relations.

In 2015, he was the only Asian representative in the second anniversary of Mandela, in Johannesburg, and it was after this even that he published the book: “Peace Poems” which was confirmed by the archive center of the aforementioned institute. Before his trip, during a personal meeting with the South Africa minister of art and culture his projects were praised and he was given the Robben Island Treasure -icon in advance. Returned to Iran, he was invited to give a lecture on the Mandela and their project in the United Nation, Iranian Branch in Tehran with the presence of the Iranian minister of art and culture and other officials.

Later on, he and Paul Amrod could collaborate on the longest modern epic in the history of English literature called: Adventures of two captains, volume one”, the book has been published by the most credible publishing house in Iran named: Janagl Javidan. They are currently working on the second volume and even write an opera based on the series.

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