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HAPPINGINEERING will draw your attention to what really matters in life. It will remind you of simple things we shouldn’t lose sight of. It will be your companion helping you to see a clearer picture of your life, to understand life as a whole, to define where you are and where you want to go.

HAPPINGINEERING will raise your awareness of the variety life has to offer and invites you to be a part of it. Life is never perfect. In fact, it’s perfectly normal that some things in your life go well and others don’t. Likewise, there’s no guarantee for happiness. The truth is, however, that there’s a lot you can do that chances are pretty good that you will lead a happy, fulfilled, and sustainable life.


Ralf J. Hosse has been fascinated by the concepts of sustainability and productivity in order to achieve fulfillment for most of his adult life.

Ralf holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology (Dr. rer. nat.) and has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for more than a decade with the focus on project management and the development of biologics resulting from Antibody Engineering. This professional path gave him the opportunity but also confronted him with the necessity to balance his professional career with his private interests. By following the principles in this book advocating a holistic approach to life based on sustainability and productivity, also happiness, like antibodies, can be engineered. He called this new discipline HAPPINGINEERING.

Ralf lives with his wife and their two children, a boy and a girl, in central Switzerland.

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